Sunday, March 12, 2017

Angels in Singapore, Victoria's Secrets Angels, That Is.

It's not every day that two of the world's most famous models hit town, but in a span of eight months, Victoria Secrets Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima did just that.

Now, in addition to being uber successful models, both ladies are devoted mums and I really wanted to give them some of my books as souvenirs to take home to their kids.

Back in July last year, I received a phone call from my friend Song saying that Alessandra was in town for some the opening of Pasquale Bruni's flagship store at Wisma Atria. Without any hesitation we high-tailed it down to her hotel. Song had a magazine with him, but I only had my index cards. Darn! Within half an hour we spotted Alessandra and her entourage.

We approached and she kindly agreed to sign autographs for us and I gave her a couple of my books for her children and she graciously thanked me. Her manager said that she would not be posing for photos; we were happy to have met her and gotten her autograph  so we respected this decision. 

Not wanting to linger, we thanked her and made our exit, We were at the entrance of the hotel's driveway when we heard someone calling out. Song turned around and it was her manager and he was beckoning us back. 

We rushed back and he said that Alessandra would take photos with us. And her manager even took the photos for us. Thank you so much, Alessandra!

We were even more chuffed when we realised that she signed her full autograph for us, not her abbreviated one she usually signs. 

Now, Adriana's visit was more hyped as it was a Victoria's Secrets launch at the new flagship store here. If you spent $129 you were guaranteed a spot in the VIP line to meet her and get an autographed photo. But it was emphasised that no one would be getting a selfie.

So I bought exactly $129 worth of Victoria Secrets products and gained myself a place in the VIP line. 

There was a caveat, stating that spaces were limited 

When I arrived at VS at about 3:00pm and there were already six people in line. There was some confusion about where we should stand, as there were two separate lines, but that was quickly cleared up and I ended up securing a third-in-line spot. By the time Song Ping arrived, the crowd had grown exponentially.  When passersby realised that the supermodel would be making an in-store appearance, they snapped up $129 or more worth of items so that they could join the VIP line. 

Those unwilling to spend the cash, had to settle in the general autograph line. With our places secured, all that was left to do was wait it out. 

Adriana's signing was scheduled to start at 6pm and it started right on time. After a day of events, Adrianna looked stunning but her smile could not hide the fact that she was possibly jet-lagged and tired from her day of back to back press events and meet-and-greets.  "I told her that I had written the books and said I hoped she enjoyed her stay. She smiled, thanked me and signed her photo and I was quickly ushered along.

A crowd inside the store decided to watch the signing and despite the no photograph rule imposed, everyone was snapping photos. I tried to snap a photo or two but with all the pushing and shoving, they turned out completely blurred.

But Song kindly sent me a photo Lucy managed to take of Adriana during the signing. Though my meetings with the two models were under completely different circumstances, they were equally as thrilling!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kobe.

I can't believe that baby boy Kobe has turned a year old. We got him when he was four months old and we could already tell that he was a real rascal.

I had an acquaintance say that he could not understand why people fawn over their dogs But unless you love dogs or have one of your own, you won't understand. Dogs are more loyal, more loving than some people ever could be. They don't have any hidden agendas, they don't ask anything of you other than your time, your attention and your affection. Oh yes and to feed them and pick their poop up! 

But their utter devotion to you is the pay off. They accept you for who you are faults and all. They don't judge you. They don't put you down. And they love you unconditionally.

They are really like toddlers, always up to mischief and full of love.

So we had a birthday party for our boy with a handful of his friends. Thanks for coming and the presents!

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