Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AFCC Day One, Part Two

You might be wondering what happened at the airport last year. Ok here goes, I arranged to meet Leonard Marcus at the airport so I checked and doubled checked the timing of his flight, just to make sure that I wouldn't be late...but guess what? I was! His flight arrived earlier than expected and when I got to the airport he was nowhere to be seen. I flew into one of my regular Dave Seow panics and called Kenneth up to explain I had lost his keynote speaker and was just beginning to hyperventilate when Leonard approached me. He was calm, cool and collected; I was frazzled, panicked and dishevelled. I don't  have to tell you just how poop-inducing that experience was and I certainly did not want to experience that again. So I got to the airport extra early.
Leonard Marcus at last year's AFCC

I recognized Wendy from her photos  from her Facebook and Twitter pages -I mean if I didn't, how hopeless could I possibly be? (No need to answer that). Wendy and Tom were as nice and gracious as could be and it was a thrill to meet them. As the department of motor vehicles has deemed it best that I do not possess a driving license in the interest of public health and safety, we cabbed it to their hotel.

As some of my friends have told me I should not subject people to the complete David Seow experience upon a first meeting; I need to give people some time to brace themselves before I go full throttle. But that didn't happen in this case. Poor Wendy and Tom were subjected to my incessant rambling from the moment we stepped into the taxi. Our cab driver, meanwhile, found it necessary to yak into  phone without using his headset throughout the drive. He either did not know it was illegal to do so,  did not care, or maybe he was just trying to KILL us!

Tom survived the Airport taxi ride and the David Seow Experience.
And so did Wendy.
Thankfully we all got to the hotel with a pulse and Wendy and Tom checked in, and I headed back to the library to buy some books. My book browsing was interrupted by a very interesting musical interlude.

The first day of AFCC was over and there were four to go...

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