Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AFCC Day One

I got to the National Library about two hours ahead of Kristina Thornton's launch of her book and app the Wee adventures of Shabu Shabu. Now Kristina went all out for her launch producing T-shirts, bunny ears, goodie bags and face painting for the kids. I don't even want to ask how much it all cost her.

Anyway Kristina was waiting at her booth and her co-creators Ola and Michael were no where to be seen- they were late!! Anyway I decided to keep her company for a bit, especially when potential customers came her way. I don't think I was too good for business because they kind of split after I spoke with them.

Anyway Kristina had a good turn out at her launch and there were lots of kids and just as importantly there seemed to be a lot of sales.

I met up with Emma and we headed off to Bras Basah Complex so that Emma could print some promotional materials for her up coming best seller. Auntie Susanna was also at the print shop printing stuff when we got there and we all decided to forgo the buffet for chicken rice instead.
Emma at AFCC

After lunch I headed to the airport to pick up Wendy and Tom. I made sure that I got there extra early just to be safe and to avoid a repeat of what happened last year...To Be Continued....

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