Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Asian Festival of Children's Content 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've spent the last week attending the Asian Festival of Children's Content and what a festival it was! I know that a tremendous amount of work and effort as well as great deal of care and consideration went into putting this event together so kudos to Exec Director Mr Rama,  Asst Director/ Festival Director Kenneth Quek and the Festival Angels Celine, Faith, Filzah, Mra, Prema and Vasantha. 

I was really looking to this year's festival and I was rather relaxed actually because I wasn't sitting on any discussion panels  - it was fun being on a panel with Shamini Flint and Emily Lim but it was nerve wracking because I keep on wondering how on earth I would measure up to those two kids' lit powerhouses.
Shamini Flint, Emily Lim and Moi

Last year my book There's Soup on my Fly was dramatised at the Literature Lecture and while that was a huge honour and privilege I was on the edge of my seat anticipating the audience reaction to the story. Thankfully it all turned out well.

All I had to worry about this year was the book launch of my latest book Emma's Elephant. 

As far as I was concerned I had it in the bag because Catherine Carvell would be the moderator, Emma Nicholson would read the story and I would just kick back and relax and not do anything at all. Ok, I was slightly concerned that no one would show up and we would just end up launching the book for ourselves, and ourselves alone. Anyway more about that later.

I was also really looking forward to the festival because with Mio Debnam, Corinne Robson, Marjorie Coughlan, Candy Gourlay, Kathleen Ahrens, Holly Thompson, Dianne Wolfer,  Naomi Kojima, Norm Jorgensen, Chris Cheng and many, many more would be attending the festival once again. I was especially looking forward to meeting Wendy Orr, who I 'met' a couple of years ago on twitter and facebook. So Catherine and I decided it would be a perfect time to take Wendy and her husband Tom our for a classic chilli crab dinner. But first we had to decide on where. There was only one thing to do...a food tasting!
Chilli Crab

There's a chilli crab restaurant across the street from Catherine's place so we decided to try having dinner there the week before. The cereal prawns were nice and fresh and we were almost convinced to make a reservation...in fact we did, but then the other courses came and to put it mildly they were incredibly lame.
Cereal  Prawns

Emma and Catherine, the food tasters.

And so our search continued. Emma came on board and we decided the best bet was Jumbo Seafood on Clark Quay. With that sorted we were ready for the festival to start.

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